Un poquito crudo…

Wow, our apartment was quite the mess this morning!  I guess that’s what happens when you invite your friends to a party and they invite their friends.  Bottles, cigarette butts, empty cups…. stray pieces of wine-soaked fruit…  But after a stray soldier round-up and a lot of mopping (actually twice!) and the dirt that was ground into the floors by los salseros has come out.  Actually, I’m pretty sure the place is now ten times cleaner than it was when I moved in.

I know this sounds strange (at least to some), but the later I stay up and the more I consume, the earlier I wake up.  One of my favorite things to do in the early morning, especially when the body feels a bit rough, is to clean.  In a sense, cleaning the house compensates for the disarray in my head… and, perhaps, the effort and pain, enhanced by the dull thud that resounds throughout my consciousness, is a bit of atonement for the abuse I put my body through the night before. 

More profoundly, however, I find the act of cleaning after a party to be meditative.  Although repetitive physical activity sometimes helps me to relax my mind, it’s really in that not-quite-hungover-but-definitely-rough state that cleaning becomes such a pleasure.  As I clean, I focus on the slight pain in the temples, but my mind is also devoid of all those random thoughts that usually provide such ample distraction during the day.  In this state, what few thoughts that do emerge out of the mental fog evolve in subtle ways and become more meaningful than they might otherwise.

Today, I thought about a slight regret, that I had not taken any pictures of the party. But as one thought faded into another, I concentrated on a sense of happiness, at the success of a party in which I had the chance to get to know a few more people, and to know a few more people better.  And even now, several hours later, after the mopping is done and the head has cleared and the thoughts and emotions become more diluted, I find that my state of happiness continues, filling the rest of my day.


México, D.F.