Taco Count Update: 995

Playing tour guide yesterday brought the opportunity to hop around the various taco haunts in my neighborhood.

  • 3 tacos de guisado from the Chilpancingo food stalls.  The quality here can vary a bit and, on this day, none of these blew me away… though the chicken taco with french fries and grilled onions had its moment.
  • 4 tacos at El Mirador, a cantina by Bosque Chapultepec… Argentine sausage, guacamole, and refried black beans on handmade tortillas.  Oh yeah!
  • Lastly, 3 late-night gringas (similar to al pastor tacos with cheese) from El Tizoncito, a popular spot for high-end taco consumption in La Condesa.

The count so far: 995.


México, D.F.