Favorite Pictures: Black Sapote

I made it pose for a few pictures with the orange...

An orange and black sapote

Original post: El Sapote Negro

Location: México, D.F.

3 Responses

  1. I love this photo. I live in Mexico City and zapote negro is one of my faves… it makes a killer granola, if you puree it and add it to oats, nuts and a sprinkle of coconut. Plus it’s just so odd that when it’s ripe, it just kind of shrinks and smushes.

    Stumbled on your blog today. Really enjoying the photos!

  2. Amigo, Do you still live in Mexico City ? ( I love the place.. was there in the seventies ) I am searching for a farm or plantation that grows large numbers of Zapote Negra………….. any chance you could help me locate one…. please. Doesnt matter where it is.

  3. Tacos, yes…. the black sapote, no, unfortunately.
    Perhaps your local Mexican consulate might have a business interests section that could help?

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