Taco 1000

Saturday marked the end of the great taco challenge.  Pictured below is #1000, a “Gaona con queso” from El Califa.  This spectacular steak and cheese bomb, later smothered in salsa, lime, and slices of avocado, is easily one of the best tacos to be had in the D.F. and Mexico.

Taco #1000, a spectacular gaona con queso from El Califa.

Taco #1000. Although it came with a knife and fork, I assure you such implements were not necessary.

It’s always nice to accomplish something, though counting one’s way to a 1000 tacos is more of an accomplishment-in-jest (or a disgusting exercise in consumption).  Sometimes, fake goals, set in the irony of a faux-celebration, can take on a life of themselves and, often, spoil the enjoyment of an experience.  Not having to count is something to look forward to… but, in this case, the most disgusting part may be that I haven’t lost my appetite for tacos… in fact….

…nah, this morning will be oatmeal and a run.


México, D.F.

4 Responses

  1. Glad to see you’ve been keeping it real down there. At first I had to look twice to make sure that this was truly you but the taco challenge cleared up any remaining doubt. My suggestion for your next challenge, return to a favorite…head to Poland for the pierogi challenge!

  2. i am very a proud… and a little jealous, too… congrats! (i guess…)

  3. Man, that is a beautiful picture!! I wants me another one!

  4. He shoots….he scores…. GOOOAALLLL!!!
    Life is measured in many small steps, or many small tacos.
    Nice job. What’s the next fun project?

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