A Call for Mexico City Taco Recommendations

It is with sad hesitation that I must report: unless time comes to a sudden and spectacular halt, mikesnotes has a mere 46 days to go.  That means, of course, that it’s time to start posting all of the pictures that I haven’t gotten around to posting….

And it also means that my time in taco heaven is about to end.  In 8 months, I’ve scoured the internet, newspapers, and local magazines for suggested taquerías and asked everyone I can find for their recommendations.  I’ve walked the city north to south (yikes!) and tried every stall, restaurant, and street-side grill that offers meat in a tortilla.  Heck, I’ve even tried making my own.  

But, in a city with 27 million people and, it seems, an equal number of taquerías, there is no chance that I could really try them all.  I would appreciate your suggestions.  If it’s a hole in the wall or the second-coming of El Califa, mikesnotes would be ever-so-appreciative if you would leave a comment, here or on any one of the other taco-related posts.  I’ll give it a try.


Oh, and at some point in the next month, I’ll be posting my own list of recommendations.

The count so far?  951.


México, D.F.


One Response

  1. Hi! I enjoy reading your blog. I’m also living in Mexico City, and have been here a year now. I’m a taco enthusiast, too, and I recommend you check out El Carboncito. It’s a small restaurant in Napoles — you get off at the metrobus station closest to the WTC, go on your right hand side and walk along Filadelfia (you’ll pass the WTC) straight until it meets with Nueva York. They have good alambres, horchata and of course tacos al pastor. Provecho!

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