Public Art in the Metro

This is the six in a series of photo-laiden posts on public art in Mexico (others include: graffiti in Oaxaca, graffiti in Mexico, David LaChapelle, and storefronts and commercialism).  

Another important public space — perhaps the most important here in Mexico City — in which art is prominently displayed are the 175 metro stations throughout the city.  Not only does the metro serve an enormous number of riders (3-4 million rides/day), but the depth and breadth of many of the stations provides ample space for displays.  Some rotate through a temporary exhibit every month (such as the Che Guevara exhibit in the Barranca metro a few months back, or this awesome set of prints at Centro Médico), but most are permanent, with themes that are specific to the neighborhood and its history, the city, Mexico, or the world.  Each station also has a special logo (designed by Lance Wyman, says wikipedia)… which, strangely enough, I’ll miss seeing when I leave.

The London Underground scene even strives to capture the "authenticity" of its adverts.  I'm guessing Mic would approve.

The "London Underground" scene in Metro Insurgentes even strives to capture the "authenticity" of its adverts. I'm guessing Mic would approve.

At one point, I had hoped to take pictures of a lot of the exhibits, but I realized that people taking pictures in metro stations can sometimes be construed as having non-benign intent and thought it best that I not make a habit of it.  Plus, I’m neither a photographer nor do I have a good camera, so it might be a job best left to the professionals.  Needless to say, here are a few more that I’ve had the chance to capture on my regular jaunts through town.  If you want to see the rest, easily a several-day affair, I suggest that you visit.  At 2 pesos a ride, it’s easily the cheapest you’ll pay for a trip to a museum.


México, D.F.


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