Overcoming Cabin Fever

The last few days of the shut down here in Mexico City have led to some significant bouts of boredom.  Across the city, many people have been dealing with the effects of cabin fever and life is starting to stir, with a subtle energy on the street that wasn’t present during the frist few days.

Suffering my own bouts of boredom, I took off for a series of long walks the past few days, winding my way from San Angel and Coyoacan in the south (7.6 miles) to the Basilica de Guadalupe in the north (8.0 miles).  It was, in some sense, the perfect time to head out, with fewer people and fewer cars on the roads.

Given the free time I’ve got, I bothered to add both to the (now quite busy) map up top.  Despite and because of the chaos, Mexico City is a great walking town.


México, D.F.


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