More Graffiti As Art in Mexico

Before the time of the AH1N1 paros, or work stoppages, I had started a series on public art in Mexico.  A prior post had shown some pictures of graffiti in Oaxaca, and here are some from other cities.  This one with the angry pig and his small elephant friend is my favorite….

Clearly a case of influenza.

Clearly a case of influenza.

Here are a few others (of many), that rock, too.  In comparison to the pictures from Oaxaca, this form of public art from other parts of Mexico seems to offer less overt messages, but it’s probably way too small a sample to draw a formal conclusion.


México, D.F.


2 Responses

  1. […] by mikesnotes This is the fifth in a series of posts on public art in Mexico (graffiti in Oaxaca, graffiti in Mexico, David LaChapelle, storefronts and commercialism). […]

  2. Mike! Such cool photos. What do you know about the street art of Edgar “Saner” Flores? He is great! I would love to get your reaction to his images. Many are saying he is the new Banksy…

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