Signs of Swine Flu Abatement in Mexico?

Yesterday I commented that it looks as if the swine flu might be recessing here in Mexico.  News today seems to support that hypothesis.

On Friday, the first day of the emergency, newspapers reported there had been 30 deaths.  By Saturday, the totals jumped to 100.  In the three days following, there were roughly another 50 reported deaths, mostly in rural areas and cities outside of the D.F.  And, today (Wednesday), El Universal reports that the total number of suspected deaths rose last night by only one person, to 159.  These numbers show that deaths spiked as the initial reports came in, but that in recent days, the perceived mortality of the virus has dropped significantly.  

If true, it could be better health care, greater public awareness, or even a change in the pathology of the virus.  However, while it’s probably too early to draw any real conclusions, the news this morning seems to be very positive.  


México, D.F.


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