Pictures in the Metro

The metro stations in Mexico City feature a wealth of public art exhibits, from murals, to sculptures, to rotating cultural displays.  I’ll probably post more pictures later, but there was one display in the Centro Medico station that is too unique (and awesome) to be grouped in with any of the other pieces I’ve seen.

This woman is clearly enjoying her burger.

This woman is clearly enjoying her burger. (I'm sure the ice cream is better.)

To the best that I can interpret, each picture (artist unknown) is connecting unhappiness with very unique aspects of the Mexican culture.  Though, it’s hard for me to tell exactly which aspects… for example, is the woman unhappy because of her burger or because of her lonely, consumerist lifestyle?  Is the image of the luchador meant to portray Mexican wrestling or the Mexican fascination with gruesome pictures in the local news rags?  And is the family unhappy because they employ a servant, their wealth, or is there a deeper family conflict?


México, D.F.

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  1. […] exhibit every month (such as the Che Guevara exhibit in the Barranca metro a few months back, or this awesome set of prints at Centro Médico), but most are permanent, with themes that are specific to the neighborhood and […]

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