Aztec Animal Carvings of Tlatelolco

A brisk walk from the center of Mexico City is the small, but very interesting (and free), Aztec ruins of Tlatelolco.  These ruins form part of the Plaza de las Tres Culturas, so named for the “three cultures” here: Aztec, colonial Spanish, and modern Mexican.  (Mexican history buffs will also note that the plaza here is most notable as the site of the student massacre of 2 Oct. 1968.)  The ruins have several small buildings, one of which has a series of carvings along it’s base.

The boogey man?

The boogey man?

I thought the carvings, themselves, were fascinating.  Many are in the form of animals, but a few leave this author scratching his head.  In case the first picture wasn’t enough, here are a whole bunch more….


México, D.F.


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