Our brush with the great taco record

Los Arbolitos refers to a group of taquerías on Calle Veracruz near mikesnotes’ office at ITAM in San Angel Tizapán.  It’s not clear whether they are different places or just many restaurants run by the same guy, as they all serve tacos al pastor, have the same name and the exact same advertising, but have different prices for the same product.  

Last week, a couple of us (el güero, ZP, and I, mikenotes) met up there to settle a challenge as to who could eat the most of these “silver-dollar”-sized bites of taco love.  Ok, it wasn’t that serious of a challenge, but we tried, nonetheless.

Oh, you know you want one (or ten)

Oh, you know you want one (or ten)

Anyways, hats off to ZP who took home the prize:

ZP…………….. 34
mikesnotes….. 31
El Güero…….. 20

I have to admit that although the picture above makes my mouth water now, after 25 or so, they really don’t taste so good.  And after 31, I just couldn’t bring myself to not enjoy another taco.  ZP, on the other hand, kept pushing on… I heard that the rest of the day was really touch-and-go, but that he did make it home.

Of course, most every taquería in Mexico City has a record of who has eaten the most.  The record at (this) Los Arbolitos?  85.  Somebody ate 85?!?  If you do the math… you’ll see that’s as much as the three of us put together.  Yikes!


México, D.F.


2 Responses

  1. […] across this drool-inducing photo of tacos al pastor from Taco Week’s opening meal in a post on my buddy mikenote’s website and had to share.  Oh man, it’s making me hungry just looking at it…  I think […]

  2. […] either.  The last time I went to Los Arbolitos was the day of the taco challenge, which you can read about here (or check out that excellent taco […]

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