Tacos Arabes

Puebla is renown in Mexico for it’s cuisine, la comida poblana, which includes it’s own take on tacos: los tacos árabes.  A taco árabe is a flour tortilla with pork roasted on a vertical spit, as with a taco al pastor.  Tacos árabes are larger than the al pastor variants in Mexico City and use a different combination of spices including onions, avoiding the orange seasoning that is ubiquitous elsewhere.  And, most notably, tacos árabes are served rolled rather than flat.  A smaller version with a corn tortilla, called a taco oriental, is also served.

Tacos at Bajo el Cielo de Jalisco

Tacos at Bajo el Cielo de Jalisco

Tacos árabes have a nice meaty flavor, with good spice, and are very filling.  Of course, it didn’t help that I took a liking to having my árabes served with cheese.

Oh, my!

Oh, my!

Now that’s some cheesy goodness…..


México, D.F.


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  1. MMMM… yummy blog. I may just have to order some tacos arabes this afternoon.

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