(Poor) Road Signage in Mexico

Road signage in Mexico is relatively poor.  Not only are signs often incomplete or missing, but at other times, there may be too many signs or they are place in ways that confuse drivers.  I saw this over the weekend on Avenida Revolución….

I hope you're not trying to find Mixcoac

I hope you're not trying to find Mixcoac

Of course, that the sign for Mixcoac is almost completely covered is a bit of an issue, especially since Revolución is a major thoroughfare to get to Mixcoac.  But more interestingly, notwithstanding the repaving work that has been going on for several months now, Avenida Revolución is only one-way in most places… so I’m not sure what the arrow to the Centro Bicentenario is suggesting.  And then, of course, for the attention to detail award, note that the street sign on the far left includes “Revolución” but that the cross-street is completely nameless.  

If you drive in Mexico City… it’s best to have a very good sense of direction.


México D.F.


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