CEMDA, climate change, and Mexico

This is the first in a series of (hopefully non-opinionated) posts regarding organizations in Mexico City that are working on climate change.

CEMDA, or the Centro Mexicano de Derecho Ambiental (Mexican Center for Environmental Rights) is an NGO headquartered in Mexico City that works to support legislative and educational action on environmental issues, including conservation, sustainability, and the development of environmental rights. Their primary impact on the formation of national policy is through this supportive role and connections with other NGOs. CEMDA is non-profit and is not affiliated with any political party; support for their work is a mix of project fees, grants, and proceeds from legal settlements.

CEMDA was founded in 1993 and, although not directly sponsored by NAFTA, is born of the environmental focus brought to Mexico by the trade pact. CEMDA’s prior projects have included work on fuel/technology standards and the Metrobús service in Mexico City. Recently, their work has begun to take a greater focus on climate change, a topic which seems to match well with the organization’s core strengths. It’s likely that CEMDA’s contribution to Mexican climate change policy will be similar to the supportive roles it has played in its previous work. More (current) information is available online at CEMDA’s website.

CEMDA’s address on the web is: http://www.cemda.org.mx


México, D.F.


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