Saboree Lo Maximo

At a random fonda, far off the tourist beat, there was this great image painted on the wall.  I find it to be very stereotypical of a type of Mexican art (at least in my opinion): a mix of ingenuity, social commentary, humor, commercialism, and American iconography, with a decidedly local twist.

Savor the best....

Savor the best....

Of course, perhaps it also fits the stereotype as the custom-made sign is partially obscured by a television and an aquarium with a couple of turtles.  The small note on the left reads: “Nota: qualquiera parecido con el personaje es pura coincidencia,” or “whatever similarity with the person is pure coincidence.”  It refers, I assume, to the figure in the center of the bill; although the face is obscured, the two donkey ears are not.


México, D.F.