Micheladas in the Afternoon

In Mexico, it is popular to serve beer in a glass with lime juice a salted rim, often called a michelada.  It’s similar to a margarita back in the U.S., though, that I have yet to find a margarita in Mexico at a non-tourist establishment suggests to me that the origin for this American tradition might be this tasty, beer-bodied cousin.

There’s just something about a michelada in the afternoon… it’s not just the taste, crisp, light Mexican cerveza, citrus, and salt, but the way in which the amber beer, clouded with lime juice, catches the light in the afternoon sun.

Who knew that beer would go so well with lime and salt?

Who knew that beer would go so well with lime and salt?

Of course, micheladas are known by other names, including cheladas (like the new canned InBev product) and cubanas, and with other ingredients, such as chile powder and salsa inglesa, or Worcester sauce(!).  Michelada usually refers to lime-and-salt only, though I’ve disastrously found that this standard isn’t as common as I’d like.


México, D.F.


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  1. The Micheladas in Apodaca and Monterrey, N.L. are served with chili flakes or black pepper and worcester sauce along with lime and salt. A really good way to mess up a good beer.

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