Send in the Clowns

Last week, on my way about town, I saw an inordinate number of clowns.  There were several on the metro, a couple on the street, one hailing a cab, one going shopping at Parque Delta, and then three more at Mercado Merced….  I’m not sure what was going on; perhaps it was just a series of coincidences.

"Clowning around"(?) at Mercado Merced

"Clowning around"(?) at Mercado Merced

Some people like clowns, though I’ve always found them to be a bit, well, creepy.  That said, clowns in Mexico are a bit different than those up in the States.  It may be that they use different makeup, it may be that so many are women, or even just the lack of uber-creepy hobo clowns.  For whatever reason, they seem to be much more popular here, at parties, at hospitals, and, perhaps as a result, I don’t find them to be as creepy as I once did.  Hmmm, maybe there is something in the water.


México, D.F.


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