In Pictures: Mercado Merced

The Mercado Merced complex, which actually includes several different markets, is one of the largest marketplaces in Mexico City, with vendors selling nearly everything that one can imagine.  The main building, alone, spans several square blocks, and passages at street level, above, and below, lead to a wider complex that is beyond my ability to compare.  It even has its own metro station inside the market.  

I go once a month for bulk supplies and have spent hours wandering the various buildings, shopping for grains, fresh and dried fruits, meats and cheeses, chiles, exotic ingredients, aquarium supplies, candles, voo doo dolls, live chickens, tacos, artisan crafts, kitchen supplies, and tupperware.  On the last trip, I brought my camera along to try to capture the size of the place; failing completely, I opted to take pictures of some of the wares in the central market, where the dry goods and fresh produce stalls are.

Chiles, stacked and ready for sale in bulk

Chiles, stacked and ready for sale in bulk



México, D.F.


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