Junk Sale!

On some days, especially weekends, one or more pickup trucks pulls up to the median on Avenida Benjamín Franklin and lays out piles of junk for sale. The sell picture frames, old appliances, beat-up cell phones, hand tools, religious figurines, glasses and ornate vases, and a random menagerie of kitschy odds and ends; the refuse that sensible (or insensible) people have thrown away. I can only guess where they get the stuff, from street corners, city dumps, and, possibly, even the black market, although the poor condition of many items leaves doubt that anyone would ever bother to steal them. Want a classic, antique couch, cheap? It’s yours if you know someone who does reupholstery.

A couch in need of work...

A couch in need of work...

Sometimes the junk is stuff I can’t use, but, on occasion, as I pass by I’ll find something that I needed… that pair of scissors, a desk chair, a set of candles, modern art, or something so strange, it might just be worth buying on it’s own in order to figure out what it is. Perhaps these sales are our modern equivalent to looking for buried treasure? I should have asked what the wanted for the tiny motorcycle. Of course, you have to haggle — they know people don’t ask unless they are really interested.

México, D.F.


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  1. Looks like Beacon Hill in September, only with a nicer selection! 🙂

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