The Aquarium Project

One of the projects that I’ve been working on, other than my research and job applications (and finding awesome tacos), has been to set up an aquarium in our living room.  Although fish tanks are usually longer term investments than the six months I have left in México, seemingly random projects are great ways to learn about a new city; learning new vocabulary, exploring strange markets, and figuring out how to troubleshoot.  Plus, since costs in México are relatively low, setting up the tank (and fixing any mistakes) hasn’t cost much!

So far, so good!

So far, so good!

Inasmuch as this blog is a record (for me) of my experience here, I wanted to post a few pictures of the process.


Washington, D.C.


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  1. Hola Mike, ¿cómo estás? I though you were comming back today, pasó algo? I hope everything’s fine overthere.

    Your Aquarium and fishes totally rock. I’ve been enjoying a lot to observe them timlessly. Gracias gracias gracias!

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