Tacos al Pastor

The taco al pastor is an institution in Mexico City cuisine.  I’m not sure where or when this take on fast food first hit the scene (a chain with several locations near my apartment, el Tizoncito, vociferously claims to be the source… perhaps a little too much), but two things are for certain: the taco al pastor is as ubiquitous in Mexico City as traffic, late-night tamale vendors, and Oxxo, and while there are as many interpretations of this plate as there are green pirate taxis, the general recipe is standard throughout the Districto Federal.

Tacos al pastor at Tacos Escandon

Tacos al pastor at Tacos Escandon

A taco al pastor is a tortilla filled with meat that is marinated and roasted on a vertical spit, topped with diced white onions, cilantro, and an optional slice of pineapple, and accompanied by a bowl of sliced key limes.  They’re popular for lunch, dinner, or late, late into the evening… and I usually take mine at 2:30 PM at Los Arbolitos, where they’re the miniscule price of 2 pesos each, or on Sundays at Tacos Escandón by my apartment.

Roasting a spit of meat for tacos....

Roasting a spit of meat for tacos....

I’ve been slowly searching for the best tacos al pastor in the city, though I have yet to have found them.  The count so far?  333… and more to follow!


Burlingame, CA


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  1. […] tacos: los tacos árabes.  A taco árabe is a flour tortilla with meat rasted on a spit, as with a taco al pastor.  Tacos árabes are larger than the al pastor variants in Mexico City and use a different […]

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