Five-Star Street Tacos

If there is such a thing as high-end gourmet street tacos, then I very well might have experienced them last Wednesday.  On a desolate calle near ITAM, where I work, (actually on Torres de Ixtapatongo, I believe, across Periférico from San Angel Tizapán) is a family-run street-side taquería — four posts and a plastic tarp roof.  The street on which this particular taquería is located is unusual because it’s on a small hillside and surrounded by empty lots.  There are few buildings, tons of parking, and no other changarros.  Such isolation is rare in this city!  But the street around this taco stand is packed with cars, all customers for what may described as “deep-fried goodness.”

My order (thankfully recommended) was for two tacos, one with a chicken cutlet and the other with stacked slices of ham and cheese.  Each filling is breaded and then deep fried in a huge cauldron; the resulting piece of heaven is then sliced into strips and heaped onto two warm tortillas.  Yeah, there are salsas and limes, too.  But it’s really about what goes in, and not on a taco.  The chicken is warm and moist and flavorful and the ham and cheese, which I must admit I was a bit skeptical of when ordering, was stellar: the melted cheese, warm ham, and crunchy breading are an outstanding combination, especially when they are fresh from the hot oil.

I need to go back.

I need to go back.

It was a good day for a diet.


México, D.F.

2 Responses

  1. estos tacos son unos de los mejores de México, no son tan famosos como otros pero son deliciosos

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