Tried as hard as he could, but Godzilla could never be a puppy

Last month my roommate, on impulse, purchased a small green lizard, or lagartijo.  I think it might have been an iguana, but, you know, I’m no expert on these things.  From the very beginning, however, this little guy and my roommate were clearly a match that would not last.  From the first day, she (the roommate, I have no idea of the gender of the lagatijo) had difficulty hiding her disappointment.  This lizard, as they so often do, was prone to spending large amounts of time doing, well, nothing.  They get cold, they sleep.  I think she had wanted a puppy, one of those fuzzy, furry, fake-love and utter-dedication-balls-of-energy to cuddle with.  This lizard wasn’t quite matching up to expectations.

A day into the adventure, the lizard still hadn’t been christened with an official name, although the rest of us began referring to it as Godzilla.  It seemed an appropriate a name as anything.  My roommate would worry that Godzilla, which was still doing, well, nothing, was depressed.  Do lizards get depressed?

The next day, Godzilla was given to a girl at the pet shop down the street. 


He tried, but Godzilla could never be a puppy.

He tried, but Godzilla could never be a puppy.


México, D.F.


One Response

  1. yeahk, we do get depressed when we have no love, no nothin’

    but i’m ok now, got friends and all.

    did you get your fishes?

    come pass by.


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