Mexico Pledges to Halve Carbon Emissions

Last week at the UN Conference on Climate Change in Poznan, Poland, the Mexican Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources Juan Rafael Elvira pledged that México will reduce its carbon emissions to half of the 2002 levels (EX Online, Milenio).  

I must admit, I’m a bit skeptical of the sincerity of the pledge as Mexico’s per capita consumption of carbon is already well below the developed world.  Furthermore, it’s not clear to me that Mexico has the political structure capable of addressing climate change — I’m not really sure of what Elvira’s role in Mexico’s climate change policy is.  And then there’s the technical challenge of finding ways to drastically cut already low rates of carbon emissions.  Of course, the target date for such reductions is 2050.  Do such promises really mean anything?


México, D.F.


2 Responses

  1. […] México’s national climate change strategy, including Mexico’s pledge at Poznan to reduce emissions to half of 2002 levels by 2050, seemed more interested in appearing, rather than participating. […]

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