Metrobús Linea 2 Starts Service

Last Thursday, I saw test buses running on the new Metrobús line, Linea 2.  At the time, it seemed like the start of service was still months away… the stations lacked gates and there were no ticket machines, lights, signs, etc.  But today, just five days later, El Universal is reporting that Metrobús Linea 2 is starting service today (front page, map & graphic).  Well, I’m shocked again!  Having seen this amazing ability for languishing projects to suddenly complete themselves overnight, though, I probably shouldn’t be.

According to El Universal and Metrobús, here are some stats for the new line:

  • 20 km route dedicated busway with 36 stations (so, about one station every 1/3 mile)
  • Line runs east-west, from Metro Tacubaya to Metro Tepalcates
  • Including the terminals, Linea 2 crosses 6 metro stations, plus the existing Linea 1 metrobús
  • Service hours are from 4:30 AM (5 AM on Sundays) to midnight
  • Expected ridership: 160,000 passengers daily (that’s a lot for a bus!)
  • One-way cost: 4.50 MXN, or about $0.35; requires a value-added card

But here’s the real shock:

  • Cost: 800 million pesos, about $65 million, which is almost nothing (I’m not sure it I believe it!)

Links: Metrobús web site and FAQ (both in spanish and still under construction!), 


México, D.F.


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  1. I’m lucky to have a Metrobus line 2 station run 2 blocks from my house. It’s shaved about 10 minutes off my already short travel time to work, having used the subway up to now. There have been some problems with drivers not understanding the metrobus-only lanes, resulting in several accidents, but it’ll iron out soon enough, as it did with Line 1 a few years ago. Kudos to DF for this major advancement in public transport.

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