New Metrobús Line!

México, D.F., it seems, is constantly under construction.  The civic works projects, or las obras, have a unique quality to them: starting often under much fanfare, languishing in bureaucracy, and then, suddenly in the middle of the night, springing into operation.  One of the more prominent works around Escandón, other than the unfinished sidewalks on José Martí(!), is the new Metrobús line, Linea 2 (also on wikipedia).  Metrobús is Mexico City’s version of a limited stop express bus service, and works pretty well on it’s existing single line.  I must admit, I saw the station under construction when I moved here… and saw that they had already landscaped it… but figured I would be long gone before the buses actually ran.

Well I was wrong!

Trial service for the new Metrobús Line, Linea 2 (11 Dec. 2008)

Trial service for the new Metrobús Line, Linea 2 (11 Dec. 2008)

This picture was taken last Thursday, 11 December.  It could be any other Metrobús station except for the sign on the left, which says Patriotísmo.  And we’ll have a second station called, appropriately, Escandón, two blocks from el departmento.  Of course, I’m not going to get too excited, since they’re clearly only running trial service without any paying passengers.  Still, for a project that seemed like it would outlast me, there’s a chance, that, just perhaps, I might still be here when they start it up.


México, D.F.


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