Taco Update — 200

Yesterday afternoon, I joined a few of the co-fellows from CEPI for a seafood lunch at Mercado el 1° de Diciembre.  Yesterday also happened to be a slightly special day because the taco count stood at 198, just shy of the 1/5th mark… and it seemed fitting that #200 be something a little more interesting that the standard al pastor.  Seafood is a bit unique here in Mexico City, because the city, itself, is at 7,000 feet in altitude and hours from either coast.  Combine that with often lax health department standards and enforcement (ok, I should be honest, I don’t know if there is department that regulates restaurant cleanliness), and eating seafood here can be a little risky or, as a friend once described it, “suicidio.”  All that drama aside, this particular market specialized in seafood and was very busy on a Sunday afternoon, both good signs.  

And so, with three simple shrimp tacos, I passed 200.  With lime and a little salsa picante, they weren’t half-bad. 


Tacos #199, 200, and 201....

Tacos #199, 200, and 201....


México, D.F.


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