And a Whole Lot of Arrachera

The neighborhood just north of my apartment is full of “Argentine” restaurants.   Each offers a (very) slightly different take on the same concept: they hang a few blue and while Argentine flags, say “perfecto” whenever you ask for anything, and serve empanadas, pizzas, a pasta dish or two, and large hunks of grilled meat.  Argentine is in quotes because I haven’t yet been to Argentina and can’t personally say that the whole pizza & steak & perfecto combo actually exists there or whether this is a truly Mexican invention.  For what’s more, traveling around the rest of el D.F., I’ve only seen one other “Argentine” joint; so this phenomena may truly be localized to the gringo stronghold of La Condesa.

On Friday, un amigo and I went to sample one of these joints, called “El 10”, with the objective of consuming a lot of carne.  (Oh woe to thee, post-Thanksgiving diet!)  Upon arriving, I found out that this place was a chain, as my friend had gone to meet me to one of their other locations… also situated in La Condesa.  I waited, ordered a beer, and perused the menu.  You can see a picture of the results below.

We ordered three 300 kg. cuts of beef, all variations on the arrachera, which is a flank steak cut against the grain, and very popular throughout México D.F. in tacos and tortas and part of comida corridas.  As it’s cut against the grain, and depending on how it’s cooked, the texture of arrachera varies between tough, tender, and almost spongy.  The three cuts arrived on a wooden platter, we ate one, I took a picture, and then we finished off the other two.


Three cuts arrived on a wood plank, we ate one, and then I took a picture.

Three cuts arrived on a wood plank, we ate one, and then I took a picture.

We got some side dishes, too, but once the meat arrived, they seemed inconsequential.


México, D.F.


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