La Crisis Económica (and the price-gouging taco vendor)

Yesterday afternoon I grabbed a light lunch at a taquería down the street from my house.  I don’t particularly like their tacos, but they are the closest joint to my apartment and have convenient hours (i.e. very early until very late).  At the very least, I could call them dependable and, at 5 pesos a taco, average.

Yesterday, however, when I went to pay for my two tacos, the total came to 12 pesos.  I turned around and there, to my dismay, was a new sign proclaiming all tacos to be the astronomical price of 6(!) pesos each.  Taken aback, I asked the proprietor when the prices had gone up, and why…  “Last Monday,” he said, “la crisis económica.”  Now, I’m no economist, but I didn’t quite understand what the price of real estate in Cleveland has to do with the 20% increase in the cost of these now-below-average longaniza tacos.  

I retorted with the trifecta-question: “La crisis económica?  Has business declined?  Have your costs gone up?”

No,” he replied, “solamente es por la crisis.”

Bastard!  Well, that price-gouging taco slinger has just gotten his last twelve pesos from me!  …Even if it means that I now have to walk an extra 20 feet to the other taqueria on the corner (which happens to also offer 2-for-1 tacos on Sundays).  And just for kicks, I won’t be posting any pictures of his overpriced, corn-swaddled, grease delivery vehicles, either!


México, D.F.


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