The Lost Fridge

Monday evening, when I got home, our fridge was… gone.  Departed, vamoosed, disappeared, even.  (Is that ok to say?)  All that was left was a big empty, dusty space in the kitchen.  I’ve got a picture of the space, but, really, it’s just a picture of a big, empty, dusty space, next to a crusty <shudder> set of drawers and our microonda.

To be fair, I knew we were going to lose the fridge.  I found out on Sunday just after I had brought some groceries home — D’oh!  Turns out the fridge was a “loaner” (note: it was also a “loner,” but that’s a story for another time) and the owner wanted it back.  I guess that, in México, refrigerators are considered to be a movable commodity.  The result is that we are now refrigeratorless… at least until the next fridge decides to move in.

Surprisingly, living without a fridge hasn’t been nearly as hard as I thought it would be.  We have more space in the kitchen and we’re probably saving a ton on electricity.  Plus, with a handful of little grocery stores around the corner, I’ve been buying things in small batches and only making enough for one day.  (After the week of gluttonistic self-destruction for Thanksgiving, I’m on a “lots-of-soup” diet.)  Any vegetable that isn’t used just goes into the cabinet with the avena, higos secos, and other dry goods.  Though, I am missing having yogurt in the mornings, the only real inconvenience is that none of the beer is cold.  

Hmmmm, on second thought, this whole no-cold-beer thing is unacceptable!!!


México, D.F.


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