Pastelería Ideal

On a previous visit to Mexico City, I was wandering around the city center, between el Palacio de Bellas Artes and el Zócalo and had the fortune of stumbling upon a fantastic pastelería (map).  Well, as some already know, I have a thing for pastries in faraway places and Pastelería Ideal not only fits the prerequisite (foreign), but it’s by far the biggest bakery I’ve ever seen.  It’s massive; giganormous; or even ¡bien pinche grande!  Oh, and the pastries, rock, too.

The front of Pastelería Ideal is a long case full of gelatines and custard-based, form-fitted pasteles.  Of course, this case is only the front of a large room, full of counters and racks with cookies, cakes, cream and custard-filled tarts and other baked, sugary goodies that defy an English translation.  Although this room could fit (by my estimates) as many as eight typical bakeries inside, it’s not the only room in the place… as you have to head to the way, waaaay (guey?) back to get to the breads!  Plus, there’s a mysterious stairway to the right of the front door… which I will check out next time if I can avoid the gelatinous distractions.  My guess is that it’s where they take care of special orders and wedding cakes.

Now I try to go back every month or so.  The picture below is taken from the center of the large room and shows a fraction of the many of the racks and counters and a hint of the rooms beyond.

Part of the maze of tables and counters that is Pasteleria Ideal.

Part of the maze of tables and counters that is Pastelería Ideal.

While I tried my best to take a single all-encompassing snapshot to capture the “girth” of the pastelería, the sheer size and the plethora of racks and columns make taking a truly representative picture to be a challenge beyond my skills.  (Though I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s tried and failed… like this guy.  Aside: does tilting the camera really make for better pictures?)

If you’d like to find the place, I’d recommend a slow meander through the streets of the center.  Though, in a pinch, you could ask the locals… after all, if it’s in the LP, I’m sure most everyone can point you the way. 


México, D.F.


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  1. Good afternoon Mike.

    My name is Jaime Hernandez, Im Mexican , I was born in Mexico city. now I live in Guadalajara ,Jalisco state. I`ve had the chance to buy bread at ” Pasteleria Ideal”and of course eat it. Ive traveled around mexican states, and I haven`t found a pateleria as ” la Ideal”

    have you ever eat a piece of their ” rosca de reyes” ?
    they sell diferent sizes that costs from $20 pesos to $600 pesos around. if you want to try it you can go from january 1st to january 6th or 8th..

    let me tell you that I travel to mexico city to visit my parents every december to have new years dinner with my family , and some of the places that I can never skip from visitin are “Plaza Satelite” and ” the greatest ” Pasteleria Ideal” usually I buy around 3 big boxes full of diferent tipes of bread and I take them to Guadalajara. and I share the bread with my wifes family They love it . they say that is the most delicious bread that they have ever eat.

    Mike I have a lot of stories from Mexico city. whenever you want you can contact me and we can share them.

    sincerily yours ^
    Jaime Hernandez.

  2. […] to go for pastries and little baked goods, as well as to ogle at the sheer size of the place (see more in this past post).  Last week, I took a trip to the less chaotic second floor, which houses a maze of cakes for […]

  3. Hi, I’m mexican, and I describe this bakery as “the happiest place on earth” I went to México city with my parents on January and I fell in love with this place, I get so crazy aboit it that I organized a school trip on february so I can buy more pastries XD. This place rocks!!


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