Save me Jeebus?

On a recent morning, not too long ago, I came across a church processional.  At the front of the parade, were two men lighting off fireworks every minute or so.  The fireworks were small rockets attached to the end of a short stick; they’d light the fuse, and hold the stick up with their hands, pointing the rocket towards the sky.  The rocket would shoot up about 70 feet or so and then explode with a tremendous ‘BANG!’.  The body of the parade had four men carrying a religious icon (a statue of a saint) and about 10-12 women dressed in ornately decorated outfits and dancing to the occasional music of a small brass band.  It felt like a thoroughly authentic “Mexican” moment… but what struck me most, among the dozen or so photographs I took, was the following image:

Look closely!

Look closely!

Yes, it’s what it looks like.  (Click on the image to view a larger version.)


México, D.F.


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