In Pictures: Escandón Street Scenes

The neighborhood in Mexico City in which I live is called Colonia Escandón.  Escandón is just south of La Condesa, one of the more touristy and affluent districts of the city, and just west of Avenida de los Insurgentes Sur, reportedly the longest avenue in the world.  Escandón is a mix of both blue and white collar, families and retirees, and apartments and busy storefronts… all of which give the neighborhood a livelihood and bustle uncommon to the poshier and more expensive areas just to the north.  Although it has it’s share of vehicular traffic, the streets in Escandón are also covered by a green canopy, green awnings, and their share of green bugs….  I consider myself fortunate to have found a place to live here.



Colonia Escandón, México, D.F.


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