From fire, destruction

I must admit, the whole course of events from last night still make me dizzy.  For those not in Mexico: the equivalent of the Mexican VP, a man with many enemies, died last night in a plane crash in the center of the city.

The timing of the crash, at almost the exact time at which the initial results showed that Barack would, indeed, become the U.S. president, makes for a strange, bizarre comparison.  And that the accident was perhaps a mile and a half from where I live; and merely a stone’s throw from the balcony on which I was later standing at the U.S. embassy election reception; and, of course, that I study aviation.  In my opinion, I don’t see any way that these could be anything but twisted coincidences… but who knows?  My head spins.


México, D.F.


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  1. […] Initially, President Felipe Calderón seemed quite shaken by the events of the disaster.  Of course, it’s important to consider the gravity of the event; Calderón lost one of his strongest allies in government to what, at the time, seemed like a likely assassination.  The drug cartels that were hypothesized to be a possible cause have been the cause of significant violence in Mexico over the past few years and a major focus of Calderón’s administration, affecting both domestic and foreign policy.  Mouriño’s death likely caused Calderón to examine thoughts of how the presidency and his actions have affected his own mortality… frankly, I’d be quite shaken, too. […]

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