Election Bits and Pieces

Oh, yes — it is election day back home in the big 50.  Down here, there’s plenty of media news and even more word on the street… but (at least on my street!) it’s mostly rumors about the possibility of wide-spread voter fraud, just like in México (2006).  I keep trying to tell everyone here that if McCain loses, he’ll come down to Mexico City and set up a tent city on Reforma.  (I’m kidding.)

If you’ve already voted and are scrounging the wires and web sites for election scoops, just like I’ve been doing, then perhaps you might appreciate a few of these links:

And the media in Mexico City (note: most is in Spanish, and some links are temporary) reports on los comicios del EU:

I’ll toss up more as I run across them…..


México, D.F.


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