Quest for 1000 tacos

A key staple of the Mexican culinary street scene is the taco.  A corn (or, sometimes, flour) tortilla stuffed with most anything; cactus, steak, tripe, cesos (brains!), etc.  The most popular type is al pastor, which is pork meat roasted on a vertical spit, akin to a kebab.  The roasted meat from the outer part is sliced off, and layered in a tortilla with onion, cilantro, and a small piece of grilled pineapple.  Al pastor tacos are often made small, like dollar-sized pancakes, costing a few pesos each.  The cheapest I’ve found so far is a 2 pesos-a-taco joint over by el ITAM.  For those keeping score, that’s 6 tacos to the dollar!

I’ve decided to keep a record of how many tacos I consume this year…. and, hey, if I’m lucky (or not), maybe I’ll notch a full 1000.  The total so far?  55.


México, D.F.