To paint a room

I have a love-hate relationship with new apartments.  Not the ‘new’ as in ‘new construction’, but more like just, well, ‘new-to-me’.  For example, the apartment I just moved into was built in 1952… the locals seems to refer to such buildings as being “earthquake-proof”.  I really hope they just have a perverse appreciation for irony!

I love ‘new’ apartments because moving is like an expedition… everything is new and fresh, from the local neighborhood haunts to the way the 56-year old floor boards creak.  This ‘new’ apartment is on the second floor of a 4-story, 8-unit building on Avenida Progreso, in Colonia Escandón (zoom in on the map below), a mix of blue collar families and ex-pats (como yo) too cheap to pay for the trendier digs one and a half blocks north in La Condesa.  So it’s close to the strips of buotique-y bars and clubs, for an occasional excursion, but surrounded by little markets and garage-door restaurants, full of people on first-name-bases.  If you know the kind of neighborhoods I like… then you know I’m in heaven. 

But living in a new apartment, any new space, really, always leaves me feeling a little wanting for the familiarity of previous comforts.  It makes me feel so… soooo… like I’m intruding on some other life.  Like I don’t really belong.  And being in a foreign culture… well, doesn’t help!

So to help the transition, I though it might be nice to paint my room.  In part, it’s because I’ve always wanted to paint my room, but never quite had the ___________…. opportunity?  But more so, in that it always makes me feel more at home if I invest some time and effort in changing things to suit… even if only a little.  When I moved into my last apartment, I rearranged the living room.  I don’t know if the new arrangement was any better, but it made me feel as if it was ‘my arrangement’ and, thus, my apartment.

So a-painting I will go!  The paint store just down the street (it’s the colonia!) has one of the custom paint color systems.  So what color should I choose?


Avenida Progreso, México, D.F.


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