Hurry up!

Woah — time is a-wastin’!  

I’ve already been, ahem, ‘in country’ for a week and have yet to write a single note.  So to begin….

This blog is a part of my nine-month trip to Mexico City, where 20 million souls bustle about in a grand dance, always running, racing (except when stuck in traffic!) and I have a Fulbright grant to study, hmm, well, things.  I’m still narrowing down exactly what, per se…. but the exact subject of my research (‘things’) is secondary to the experience, the sights, sounds, and smells of México, D.F.  

I plan to use this blog as a record and a filter, a means of preserving and synthesizing everything around me.  I don’t expect to write down any grand conclusions, but maybe these notes will help me to see the ‘big picture’ about México/the U.S., research/work, friends/family, life/death(?).  If there is an answer, a key, a logic — an ‘it’ — out there, I hope these notes help me find it sooner rather than later (I mean, life, like my time here, is just flying past!) perhaps later this year, or perhaps some day many years from now.

It’s possible that my random musings might offer something to others, too.  Though I don’t expect it, please feel free to read, and think, and comment… all I ask is that, if you do figure ‘it’ out… please let me know!  After all, time is a-wasting!


México, D.F.


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